Biblically Inspired Life is Growing

Shalom! There is excitement here at the Biblically Inspired Life. First, we are very glad to have the new website up. This is the home for the Biblically Inspired Life ministry, which seeks to encourage women to study the Scriptures and apply Biblical truth to their lives daily.

We also have a Youtube channel, which currently has 24 videos. I have several videos planned for the next several weeks and hope that you will not only watch them, but send me suggested topics for videos you’d like to see. My email address is:

The first week of September, I will also be giving a talk at the Esther Ministry in Singapore. The topic for my lecture will be: “Getting on G-d’s Time Schedule”

Here is a description of the talk. Today, we are living in a world which is demanding our time. Many women are frustrated with their lives, trying to “accomplish it all” and yet keep their sanity.

Why not look to God, the Creator of time, to find out how we should be living? Let us explore together the Biblical Calendar in order to structure our lives to be pleasing to God and to live a more serene life.

I also will be speaking at an event in Bulgaria in the future.

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  1. So nice to have you back. I am looking forward to your upcoming videos. And if your speaking engagements are taped, I look forward to them, as well.

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