Hello and welcome to the Biblically Inspired Life.

Hello and welcome to the Biblically Inspired Life. I hope that you will stop by here regularly for new videos, articles and blog posts. Our focus is to study the Scriptures and apply Biblical truth to our lives daily.

As this ministry, which is part of LoveIsrael.org, grows, I will share with you my experiences as I begin speaking to women’s groups around the world. I hope this will, in turn, inspire you to create your own ministry to which you are called.

Also contained on this new website is the blog for LoveIsrael.org. LoveIsrael Connection seeks to communicate with supporters and followers of LoveIsrael.org. On it you will find out news about the ministry and follow us as we travel around the world, sharing the truth of Scripture.

I am very excited about this adventure and hope that we can all learn and grow together!



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