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“Likely to be thousands in Israel that will die.”

“Likely to be thousands in Israel that will die” is what the Minister of Health said on television yesterday. The leadership here in Israel are very concerned that our citizens are not taking seriously the havoc and death the coronavirus may bring to Israel and around the world.

Today we Skyped with our Spanish Team Leaders Jose and Carrie. It was a time of updating as well as fellowship. We appreciate them and the work they do. We talked about how this is a great time for us to share our faith and to convey calm, trust and faith in the L-rd! People are frightened and we know the answer!

We have had to cancel a couple more conferences as Europe has closed its borders for a month. We also Skyped with our Australia Team Leaders to get a handle on the situation there. I (Rivka) also Skyped with our LoveIsrael Northern Europe board who are located in Finland. We had a very productive meeting and they are encouraged by the growth and excitement about our television program.

Tomorrow we have more Skype meetings with LoveIsrael support members. We are grateful that we are able to get a lot of work accomplished while being confined to our homes around the world.

All videos on our internet platforms: Isaiah, Exodus and Song of Songs will be put up weekly as normal. Also, our Hebrew television program will be produced and aired as normal on television. We would appreciate prayer in regard to the Matthew series which is broadcast on television around the world. This program is produced in a Romanian studio and because of travel restrictions we cannot get there to tape more episodes. Even though we have more programs ready, we still need to find a suitable solution for the next several months.

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