Australian LoveIsrael Team Leader Speaks at Parliament Meeting!

Our Australasia Team Leader, Christian Barrionuevo, was invited by the Reverend Fred Nile to speak at the Christian World View event in NSW, Australia Parliament which has been held for the last 27 years. Reverend Nile is the Leader of The Christian Democratic Party in Australia. The theme selected by Christian was The Exclusivity of Yeshua and the message was received extremely well. Christian and Margarita then prayed and ministered to people at the event. Christian represented and promoted LoveIsrael and highlighted the importance of Baruch’s expository teachings and to never deviate from scripture. Everyone agreed that we need to be cautious about deception in various forms especially when teachings do not focus on the exclusivity of Messiah Yeshua as the only way to the Father. It was a blessing to glorify Yeshua in an Australian Parliamentary building. (Thank you to Christian, who supplied us with this encouraging report!)

Reverend Nile and his wife Silvana , flanked by Margarita and Christian Barrionuevo.

We are so thankful for the work Christian and Margarita are doing on behalf of and LoveIsrael Australasia!

3 thoughts on “Australian LoveIsrael Team Leader Speaks at Parliament Meeting!”

  1. agnes veldhuis

    what a blessing and encouragement that the message was so well received!
    May the Truth go forth and people be convicted and set free to be saved ,to the Glory of GOD!!
    wonderful to know that Baruchs teaching and method bears much fruit.
    Praise the Lord

    blessings and much love

  2. I watch Baruch and Christian questions and answer discussion on the scriptures

    I would like to see their view points and scripture references about the Beasts and demons that are kept in the abyss, the who put them there and why and when are they released, I have never have seen a study done on this subject? I would think it would be of some importance?

    Thank you

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