What is 1335Kingdom.com?  This is the website to go to in order to purchase Baruch’s new e-booklet about the End Times.  This easy-to-read booklet gives a great overview of the End Times without bogging one down with too much detail and Scripture verses.

For only $1.50, you will download this great booklet to help you better master the order of events as the end draws near.  Please go to 1335Kingdom.com today.

Currently, the booklet is available in:  English, Spanish and Romanian.  Other languages will be available very soon!  I will update as others become available.



6 thoughts on “1335Kingdom.com”

  1. Nelia Groenewald

    Good morning from SA
    I typed in 1335Kingdom.com and I can’t seem to find the page where I can actually buy the booklet about End Times. Can you tell me where I am going wrong in my search?
    Nelia Groenewald

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