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Today my Mom and I were talking about time we spend with the L-rd.  She has been reading a book about living intentionally and making sure that we are living in such a way that we are in the right spot to hear the L-rd and to move so that His plans and purposes will be fulfilled in our lives. 

It got me thinking about the time we give to G-d.  Do we give Him the best of our time and resources or what is left over?  Do we set aside time to be with Him and listen to what He has for us, or do we rush around, doing what we think needs to be done, hoping to have a few minutes at some point to send up a few prayers and maybe read a chapter in the Bible.

Just as the tithe is at the first of the week, before anything else, we need to give unto the L-rd the best, the first, of our time.  I am speaking to myself as well.  It is easy to get caught up projects, even ministry-related, and think that we have spent quality time with G-d.  Maybe we have or maybe we haven’t.

Let’s all work on prioritizing G-d’s Word and cultivating our relationship with Him.  We can also use some of the techniques and strategies Baruch taught during his seminar on how to study the Bible.

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  1. Hi Rivkahann. This post made me think about Cain and Abel’s sacrifice. Yehovah accepted Abel’s because it was the very best he could offer. Abel’s heart was whole in worshipping his creator!

    I wanted to know if the whole conference would be on vimeo, including the section Baruch did on “how to study the bible”? I sure hope so. I wanted to be there but it was on same weekend as my 20 year anniversary.

    I can’t wait to hear his teaching on Paul. I’ve been doing Tom Bradfords study on Paul in Acts and I feel like I have a much better understanding of Paul. I think Baruch’s teachings from the conference will be a good addition to Toms Study;) So many who are in the Torah movement feel Paul was Anti-Torah, Anti-Prophet and contradicted Yeshua. After doing Toms study, I can’t see that at all. I don’t want to be dogmatic……but a surface reading only of Paul will give you the impression that he was Anti-Torah. I’m so thankful for teachers who believe with all their hearts and souls that Yeshua is their savior and they truly seek Gods truth in His word and are going forth with it. We lack really good teachers today and I think that’s one of the issues with the Messianic/Torah movement. I know we are all learning. I know that Yehovah is faithful and if we seek His revelation, He will show us truth.

    1. Rebecca, it is our plan to post all of the sessions, including how to study the Bible. I do not have the time frame for that. I will keep everyone informed here on the blog. Happy 20th anniversary!

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