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Yesterday I took the bus to Eilat.  In the picture above, you can see the tank on a flatbed truck we were following.  Actually, fairly common to see in Israel!  Today it is 108 degrees Fahrenheit.

Saturday night we had our Bible study at the study center.  We studied Isaiah 3:1-15.  We are all enjoying this study very much.  There are now 2 people taping the study to share with others.  We are very happy to get the teaching out!

This week, Baruch is taping 2 Hebrew television programs, speaking to a group in Jerusalem, and working on some translation of his Hebrew writing.

We will be leaving in the middle of the night on July 12 to head for the United States. Please check out the “events” tab on our website, where Baruch’s speaking schedule is listed.  I will be joining him on this trip and we look forward to seeing many of you!

Finally, I want to share a link with you.  This is an interview Baruch did with Dr. David Reagan in Dallas back in February.



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