Baruch, at our dining table, taping a podcast with Ric Joyner of Bible Study Company.

Baruch has taped a couple of podcasts with Ric Joyner of Bible Study Company which you might find very useful.  One is about Bible Study methods and the other one is concerning the End Times.  Go to their home page, www.biblestudycompany.com, click on “listen to a podcast” and scroll down to find these podcasts with Baruch.

While you are there, why not sign up on their website (it’s free) and join the LoveIsrael.org community group.  There, you will find like-minded people who discuss the Bible in a respectful way.  On Saturdays, after our Live Stream, you can head over there to discuss the message with others who listened.

2 thoughts on “Podcasts”

  1. Is to follow up Saturday’s Live Stream Study to discuss further and other scripture(s) as well? How long is the additional study so that I can be prepare? Thank you

    1. Hi Anna! This will be just a discussion (writing/posting in real time) with others who have watched the Live Stream. We do not participate, as it is after 1:00 AM our time by that point 🙂 But, yes, it is to further discuss what was taught and just however long and whatever direction the discussion progresses.

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