Rewriting History


A building from the Warsaw, Poland Ghetto.

“Racial bigotry was a way of life in Brzeziny, Poland, for a long time before Hitler overtook our nation.  I suppose one might say that the ground was fertile for the weeds of Nazism.”  (quote from Morris Rosenblat, Holocaust survivor from Poland).

Perhaps you have been watching the news and have heard about the recent news coming out of Poland.  Polish President, Andrzej Duda, just announced that he will sign a highly controversial bill Tuesday that would ban most Holocaust accusations against Poles as well as descriptions of Nazi death camps as Polish.

This is just to try to distance the Polish people from any responsibility.  I believe other countries will do the same thing and, in the end, blame everything on the nazis and rid all of the other people who were complicit, complacent or apathetic, of their guilt.

Right now I am reading the book “1984” by George Orwell.  In this fictional book, it talks about the government, “Big Brother”, takes history and scrubs it of anything it no longer wants the people to know, or to make them look like they made only correct decisions.

As we see the “scrubbing” and rewriting of history today, don’t be deceived.  Know history and the truth.

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  1. Patrick Donateny

    They are not only rewriting history, they’ve changed the text books in our schools, the state is also rewriting what the scriptures teach about right and wrong!.Without the Holy bible as our guide, men begin to do what is right in their own eyes, There is no more moral absolutes, just what is” right for you”,There’s coming a time, indeed is already upon us,When the the true believer, and the Holy Scriptures will be outlawed. I know people who lose their jobs for just having a Biblical view, that LGBTQ is wrong, or kiiling babies in the mother’s womb is wrong ,Or any of the ten commandments, Big brother and the liberal establishment will not even accept any other view but their own.They will not even hear it, or allow it A Spirit of Antichrist is operating even now and becoming alarming prevalent, Along with Anti semitism, and What will soon be called “Anti Christianism, as True believers in messiah will also suffer great persecution along with The jewish people having been grafted in .I the USA were I reside, The average believer seems to think we are alright now, and the new president is some kind of a savior .But God has shown me that “this is temporary”, and( we are still moving headlong toward the one world Government, And the scripture will be fufilled.In this time, we should get our houses in order, and position ourselves for the future hard times a persecution to come.The book 1984, is alarmingly coming to pass in many ways. GPC.

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