Going to Moscow


Fish at an outdoor mall I visited yesterday with our older daughter.

Saturday night I was not at our study center because our older daughter, who lives in another city, was with us and I stayed home to be with her.

Sunday and Monday Baruch taped some new teaching episodes.  Even though we travel more than we used to, Baruch is still able to schedule all of the taping of shows.  We hope that you will join us for our “Midnight from Jerusalem” Live Stream.  We completed the Book of Ecclesiastes and this past Saturday night we began the book of Acts.

A book publisher has contacted us about printing two of Baruch’s books in the Romanian language!  This is an exciting development which we hope will come about.  We met them in Bucharest in January when Baruch taught a conference there.

This coming Friday Baruch and I, along with a few people from the study group at our Study Center who want to join us, will be traveling to Moscow, where Baruch will be teaching at a couple of different locations.  Baruch will be teaching in Hebrew and Michael, from the Study Center, will be translating into Russian. We will be there Friday through Monday.

Finally, I want to remind you that registration for our Ninth Annual LoveIsrael.org Conference is open.  The first 120 people who register and also make reservations to stay at the Conference Hotel, will receive a free Shabbat lunch.  The spots are filling up quickly!


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