A Couple of Days in Romania

The Alfa and Omega studio preparing Baruch’s video for broadcast. Romania.

Today Baruch returned home after a couple of days in Romania, where he taped the next set of television programs at the Credo TV television studios in Cluj and met with our Eastern Europe team leader George Popa. We appreciate George making the trip to meet with Baruch.

George shared with Baruch about his recent trip to the Alfa and Omega television studio and office in Timisoara, Romania. George met with Tudor Patan, the head of the network to discuss our television program and future joint projects and Baruch will be doing a conference in Timisoara in March. Thank you to George for traveling there for the meeting.

Romania is one of the first country outside of Israel and the U.S. to which LoveIsrael reached out. We are very pleased to broadcast our television program in Romania on both major Christian Networks (CredoTV and Alfa and Omega) there.

I did not go with Baruch on this trip to Romania, as I had quite a bit of work to get done around our home.

There has been a good response so far for our Global Prayer Team participants. Please be patient as we sent up the framework and begin the prayer notifications. All of the details have not been sorted out but we are continuing to get things in order.

George Popa with Tudor Patan.

I read that the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) rose by 23 cm (9 inches) in one day! We are thankful for this blessing but are also in prayer for the safety of the people. Many people do not anticipate the flash flooding and get caught up in it. There have been several deaths.

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