A couple of news items

I was reading the newspaper and ran across a couple of items which I felt were important.

1.  Two French Jews in their 20s were attacked by a crowd of about 40 men in Paris.  The violence and anti-semitism is NOT decreasing, but continuing to rise.  Even as soldiers are posted for security, the Jewish people are not safe.  G-d is using events around the world to draw the Jewish people back to Israel.

2.  The Happiness report was released this year, which ranks the happiness levels of countries around the world.  Even with all of the problems and threats, Israel ranked #11!  The quality of life here is wonderful.  I was reading a commentary about this and the rabbi wrote that this is because the Jewish people are looking for G-d to come dwell among us as in the days of the Temple.  While our works are not the answer, it is interesting that at least G-d was mentioned as a reason for happiness in Israel, while it was not for any of the other countries.

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