A Day in Jerusalem


A great start to the day!  Our bus driver read Psalms while waiting to leave the bus station.

Today we went to Jerusalem.  As you can see from the picture above, we were blessed with a bus driver who was reading Psalms!  Once we arrived, we walked through Machane Yehuda, the shuk in Jerusalem.  It bustles with with people, deliveries, fruit, vegetables, meat, smells.  Here are a few photos:


Then it was time to meet with a Messianic rabbi from Romania.  We made arrangements for 2 more conferences; one in Romania and one in Brussels.  He arranged a conference for us in Vienna as well.  It was a very productive and enjoyable time.

We then stopped by the office of Hope4Israel to pick up more copies of the Discipleship Manual which Baruch and Moran  wrote.  We picked up copies in Hebrew and Russian. We have people who are diligently helping us to get these into the hands of people who are eager to learn.

We also had the opportunity to meet our daughter for lunch, which we don’t get to do often enough!

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