A Day in Jerusalem

Pictures from the German Colony area in Jerusalem.

Thursday we had the opportunity to go to Jerusalem.  We always try to schedule several meetings on the same day to maximize the trip.  Baruch had meetings and then we were to meet up in the early afternoon for a meeting we had together with others.  In the meantime, I walked around some areas of the city.  It was a beautiful day.

In the early afternoon, we met up with a group of people at a walled cemetery in the heart of the German Colony.  G-d worked it out perfectly for us also to meet with someone who had emailed us and we did not yet know personally.  I will post soon about this meeting and why we were there next week.

I was also able to have lunch with a dear friend who I’ve known for about 24 years.  She lives in Israel now, too, but we don’t get together as often as we’d like.  It was so good to spend some time with her.

We wish you all a blessed Shabbat.  This week’s parasha is Tazria, which is Leviticus 12:1-13:59.

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