A Day In Lisbon

Yesterday we arrived in Lisbon. We are always very grateful to arrive safely and without incident. Once we put everything in our hotel, we walked around the city. It is very beautiful and the people were very kind.

The timing of this trip has been perfect. Quite some time ago, we were put in contact with someone in Brazil who might want to help us get things going in the Portuguese language. Well, conversation stalled until recently. We are now in serious exploration to make this become a reality. This coincided with our scheduled trip to Portugal.

Today we had a meeting with a leader here in Lisbon. He gave us some great insight into the religious condition of Portugal and also information about the Portuguese language. I believe there are 10 countries where Portuguese is spoken, and it is the 5th most widely spoken language in the world.

After the meeting, we drove to the southern coast, where Baruch will be speaking over the weekend. Our contacts here are Norwegian transplants who want to see the Portuguese people touched by the Word of G-d. We pray that this weekend will open up opportunities for more people to hear sound Bible teaching.

The location of the 2 day conference is Olhao, Portugal. This is a coastal town in the Algarve which grew out of the fishing industry in the seventeenth century.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your travels with us! Will be praying for His open doors with regard to ministry to Portuguese speaking peoples. Blessings and prayers for a fruitful time in Olhao, Portugal. John 15

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