A Discussion Eternal Security

Recently, Baruch participated in a discussion concerning Eternal Security. This was moderated and organized by our Australian Team leader Christian Barrionuevo and his wife Margarita. We appreciate them and their work to put this together.

Participates included Paul Cohen from Congregation HaBrit HaChadashah and Celebrate Messiah, Alex Genovese from Derek Prince Ministries Australia and Harry Hamman Celebrate Messiah.

2 thoughts on “A Discussion Eternal Security”

  1. Thank you to everyone for sharing your wisdom and knowledge of HaShems word with us ! HaShems blessings to each if you !

  2. This has been such a blessing and
    Answering many of my confusion
    Baruch is a blessing. It’s such a a relief to know there
    is someone tells the truth and is biblical to the core.
    Thank you loveIsrael

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