A Final Thought

Scenes from Romania: (r) Baruch and his translator Ken, (l) a snowy view of Cluj.

I just wanted to say that we have been blessed with some terrific translators in Romania. Rei, Ioana, Ken, Marios and Simona all have done tremendous jobs for us.  During this last trip, Ken and Ioana translated for Baruch.

Ioana is the person with whom we had our first contact from Romania.  About 12 years ago, she was in Israel and we showed her around for a few days.  We continued our friendship and she and her family have become very special to us.  Her mother passed away a few months ago.  She was such a joyful person.

It is a gift to be a good translator and a blessing to those who hear them.   We are very grateful for them.

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