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Our Discipleship Manual, “Foundations of the Faith”, in Hebrew and now in Russian.

Today Baruch and I went to Jerusalem to accomplish a few things.  First, we picked up the new printed Russian copies of our Discipleship Manual.  A big thank you to Hope4Israel, under the leadership of Moran Rosenblit, for paying for the translation and printing of the book.

Beginning next week, LoveIsrael.org is being broadcast on CNL in Russia and the Ukraine. We are very grateful to the people who are sponsoring this endeavor for 2017.  Because of this, the Discipleship Manual has been translated into Russian.  Many of you know that there are over 1 million Russian immigrants in Israel.  They are able to receive this broadcast, which will be dubbed into Russian and Ukrainian.

Many of you were able to see and (hopefully) meet Michael, who teaches the weekly Parasha (weekly Torah portion) at our study center.  Michael is originally from Russia and is arranging for Baruch and myself to visit Russia this Spring, so that Baruch can teach and promote our television broadcast there.

The books will be useful tools for outreach and Discipleship for those touched by the LoveIsrael.org broadcast and also for other ministries in Israel who work with Russian speakers.

I also had an impromptu meeting with my friend who lives in the “disputed areas” (she lives in an area of Jerusalem which the United Nations just decided Israel and Jews have no right to).  Please pray for her.  I do hope to be able to share some of her insights with you in the near future.

We also had a brief get together with our oldest daughter, which was a treat.  Jerusalem was very busy and happy today, as the weather was gorgeous and the end Hanukkah was sundown tonight.

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  1. Congratulations! I’m in Jerusalem for the next few days. Would have loved to meet Baruch in person! I was much blessed by the teaching of Love Israel ministry. Blessings! Walter.

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