A Great Encounter

IMG_1434Roma (Gypsies) in Romania

Today we traveled to Alba-Yulia, Romania, where Baruch spoke tonight (on Luke chapter 7) and will speak all day tomorrow (covering the book of Ezekiel).

On the way to the service, we were stopped by 3 men on the street.  They were Roma (gypsies).  They saw Baruch’s kippah and asked if they could ask us some questions and we said of course.  They explained to us that they were Seventh Day Adventists and had they were having some difficulties with some of their church’s doctrines.

They began to ask us about the Trinity and the inerrancy of Scripture.  Baruch was able to share truth with them concerning these topics and also with their wives who joined us in the middle of the conversation.

We were so happy that G-d placed us in that location, at that time, so that we could talk to these people about important Bible truth.

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