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Being that we are in a formerly Communist country, Baruch and I have been talking about the current state of affairs in the world.  Islam, Communists, and Dictators are all around us.  He agreed to write a few words for this blog.  So, here is a message from Baruch:

Unfortunately, the news media tends to focus on what is important to them, rather than on what is truly significant. When was the last time you heard about Iran’s expansion into other countries? I am personally disappointed with the previous and current administrations (United States) for their failure to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program. We all know that despite this administration’s certifying the agreement with Iran, this Islamic nation is violating many of the terms. So much for tearing up the agreement the first day in office.  However, the purpose of this article is not to discuss Iran’s nuclear program.  It is to inform those who may not be aware that since this agreement, Iran has felt bolstered by the fact that the world will not stop them from doing whatever they want to do.

What Iran is doing is sending their soldiers into several countries. In many ways, this is not new, what is of significance is the amount. There have been Iranian soldiers in Iraq for several years, but in the last year it has increased dramatically. A year ago there were perhaps a thousand Iranian soldiers in Syria.  That number has grown significantly.  In fact, Prime Minister Netanyahu has just spoken with Russia’s Putin about this.  Many believe that Iran wants to expand and create a corridor through Iraq, Syria and Lebanon to the Mediterranean Sea. Naturally this is a great concern to Israel.

I hope you will remember that I spoke more than two years ago that Iran was the next prophetic sign.  At our 2015 conference, I dedicated a session on Daniel Chapter 8, which reveals that Iran will rise up and expand and not only be a great threat, but will cause great suffering in the world.  It will actually be the Anti-christ who will put down this empire.  The world will rejoice, not knowing that the victor will be much worse.

Israel has a right to be concerned–an Iran on her border is most troublesome.  Even today, Lebanon, who is ruled mostly by Hezbollah, is under Iran’s control.  The U.S. failed to stop Iran’s program and time will prove this to be true.  We also see more and more U.S. politicians are conceding a nuclear North Korea.  Such weakness on the world political stage only bolsters tyrants.  Russia takes part of Georgia, world was silent. Russian takes Crimea, and is increasing its land grab in the Ukraine, and there is no effective response, as sanctions are not changing the reality on the ground.  This continued unwillingness to use military force will lead to many future atrocities.

The events of Daniel Chapter 8 are near and we are seeing things move into position in our days.  But for the most part, the media is silent on this subject.  I guess pulling an Asian announcer from broadcasting a college football game in Virginia, because he has the name Robert Lee, is where media outlets need to be concentrating. Wake up, the End Times are nearing.

8 thoughts on “A Guest Blog by Baruch”

  1. Dave and I have been shaking our heads at what we are seeing. We are just watching for the “peace” man to arrive. I don’t see how it can be much longer. The nuclear threat is getting really high.

  2. Thank you for mentioning your teaching from the 2015 LoveIsrael Conference on Daniel chapter 8. I just watched the video (Lecture 8 from the Conference) posted on the website. It was helpful to me. Thank you for making those teaching videos available online.

  3. I wish more people would take the time to read or watch the REAL international news. Just saw Bibi interviewed and an Israeli general about Iran and Syria’s threat to Israel. People are so in the dark about what is going on in the world. They have no understanding or interest in what is happening in Real News! Thank you for posting this information, I pray believers will wake up and start reading the word of G-d and preparing for very difficult times. Blessings to you in Russia!

  4. Dr Baruch, I have just finished your outstanding new video series “The End Times in Light of the Holocaust.” Thank you for your insightful teaching that always puts thing in the proper perspective for us. The Body of Messiah so desperately needs this type of teaching from someone like yourself who understands the language of Scripture and can interpret correctly. I hope you will continue to produce more of this type of material. Todah Rabah!

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