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A view of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Please find below an excerpt from a letter Dan and Fran (the couple who are traveling with us, who also wrote our NEW Galatians Study Guide!).  I thought that you might enjoy reading how someone else feels about the people of Romania and the believers here.  I know you will enjoy reading this.  And thank you to Dan and Fran for sharing their thoughts!

Another day another bunch of teachings. Went back to Baptist Church and Baruch taught 3 lessons
The questions people ask show an interest at a level of Scripture knowledge that I generally do not see. No questions about Israel and that sort of thing, all detail questions about specific passages. The people at every church are really nice. No “country club Christians” here. After a lunch at a really nice restaurant, food is super cheap, we walked over to a home church where Baruch taught again. Tom, is was a Messianic congregation and they fit about 40 people in a room about half the size where you have small group. It was all in Romanian and Hebrew but was clearly intense. Like the other Congregations these people were intense and sincere about there faith. I wish I could bottle it and bring it back. To see people clapping and tearing up worshiping G-d made me look into myself. We were sincerely treated as fellow believers so once again I got much more than I gave.
Baruch is amazing 7 lessons in 48 hours and each one different. Sorry no pictures but we are literally at services all day.

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