A Huge Step!

Have you noticed on our LoveIsrael.org homepage that we are going to begin broadcasting our television show on Daystar?  That is a very big step for us and we do ask for your prayers that this progress would be blessed.  We have been receiving more and more emails from people, expressing joy and thanksgiving with Baruch’s verse-by-verse teaching.  There is not much Bible teaching like that around today.

We know that believers must be deep in the word as the times get more and more difficult.  Please pray that many people would be drawn to the program.  You can check out the times of broadcast in your area by checking our homepage at LoveIsrael.org.

2 thoughts on “A Huge Step!”

  1. I’ve been sharing his website and links on Vimeo with other friends via FB and personal emails so they can watch him on TV!! Of all the preachers I watch, he is the most knowledgeable and the most thorough without any of the unnecessary theatrics!!!

  2. I’m so thankful G-d led me to both of you as your teachings is like being lifted to the most accurate word of G-d available. G-d’s Bible tell us He has prepared a way–I am so happy thinking of the people He will lead to your teachings and pray they choose wisely to go forward with the truth of G-d. Yes–verse-by-verse and accurate translation makes all the difference.

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