A Little Bit of Esther in a Jerusalem Hotel

A beautiful scroll of Esther on display at a hotel in Jerusalem.

Currently, we are studying the Book of Esther during our Midnight from Jerusalem Livestream. I hope you are joining us each week. If you are unable to join us live, you can watch it later. The videos are posted on our LoveIsrael YouTube channel. This book, when rightly understood and through a prophetic perspective, we will see that the Book of Esther gives us much information so that we can stand faithfully in the midst of opposition. And the opposition is only going to increase.

A miniature Meggilat Esther, seen through a magnifying lens.

The holiday of Purim, which falls during the Hebrew month of Adar (Feb/Mar on the Gregorian calendar), is found in the book of Esther. But, it is profitable to study it at any time of the year.

1 thought on “A Little Bit of Esther in a Jerusalem Hotel”

  1. Dear Riska,

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures from Jerusalem and the story of Esther!

    Long to be able to be there personally some day❤️🙏

    Grace and blessings to you and Baruch.

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