A Little Story


In Ashdod, Israel, there is the bakery/cafe Pnina Pie.  It is owned by a believing couple, Israel and Pnina.  We know their son and his wife well, as they have come to our studies many times over the past few years.

They had a kosher certificate for their establishment and then the Rabbinate for the city revoked it when they found out that Israel and Pnina are believers.  The case was taken to court and Pnina Pie won.  The rabbinate was told to reinstate the kosher status.  Five years later, the rabbinate is still in contempt of court and has not reinstated the certificate.

I went by Pnina Pie today, and they have a lovely place.  You can see from the picture above that the glass in their patio during the winter months, for a nice place to sit and enjoy their pastries.

Whenever we can, we support them with our business, whether for donuts for Hanukkah or recommending them to the Israel College of the Bible for one of their functions.  We were glad they chose to use Pnina Pie.

Please pray for Israel and Pnina as they continue to be witnesses for Yeshua!






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