A little trip to Yafo and TLV


Yesterday we had a trip to Yafo and Tel Aviv to meet a tour group which just arrived in Israel.  We were able to take a few of them to Yafo.  This photo is taken from the top grassy area in the old Yafo area, looking at Tel Aviv.

While up there, we were able to see the “Statue of Faith”.  It is an arch made up of three accounts from the Bible:  Jacob’s dream, “The Sacrifice of Isaac” and “The Fall of Jericho”.


Piller portraying “Jacob’s Dream”

In this week’s parasha, Parashat Vayetze, we read about Jacob’s dream, with the ladder set upon the earth and the top of it reaching into heaven, and angels of G-d ascending and descending on it. (Genesis 28:12)  In this account, we read about G-d’s plan for Jacob’s descendants to spread out in all four directions from where Jacob was lying and possess the land.  This is in direct contrast to what the world wants to do today to the Jewish people.

We must recognize that what the world is advocating is not just wrong, but is in direct conflict with the plans and purposes and promises of G-d.  We need to be a voice to the world to repent and to follow G-d’s Word.




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