A Lovely Day

Today Baruch and I had the pleasure of going down to Ashkelon today to meet with a small group of people to talk about the L-rd’s Supper and then partake together.

We were greeted by our hostess, who led us into a small, cozy living room which was set up for a luncheon.  There were seven of us there.  There was a low, round table in the middle of the room, with chairs and a long, upholstered bench around it.  It was such a cheerful setting for the delicious lunch which was prepared for us.  We ate a very traditional Jewish-Russian meal.

Baruch shared a little study about Pesach and the L-rd’s supper.  We were Hebrew speakers and Russian speakers, so one of the women translated from Hebrew into Russian.  Everyone there was a believer, but some didn’t totally understand about the L-rd’s Supper.  After the teaching, we all partook.

It was a lovely day to share with some brothers and sisters in the L-rd.

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  1. Holly Carmel-Adams

    What a lovely day you have had, wish we were there to fellowship with you… If you ever get to Miami, Andrea and I would like to invite you to fellowship with us and dine with us… We would like to have Charlie and Marabel join us…. Love you and Blessings to you both… Next Year In Jerusalem…. Lovingly, Holly Carmel-Adams.

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