A Memorial Message

Last week my good friend of 23 years died.  She was in her 60s. Lourdes and her late husband, as well as their adult son, were/is blind.

Lourdes and Bill were simple people without a lot of money.  But they had a ministry that touched so many peoples’ lives.  They would attend very small congregations around South Florida.  Bill had a glorious voice and Lourdes had a good voice as well.  They told me once that they felt that within very small  congregations, three additional people could make a difference.  And they did!

They encouraged so many young congregational leaders and I just wanted to share with you that wherever you are, you can make a difference.  You don’t need special talents or a job in the spotlight.  You just need to minister to people where G-d has placed you.  Look around you and see what needs there are that you can meet.  That is a vital and noble ministry.

For those of you who attended the LoveIsrael.org conference last year, you were introduced to Lourdes and we prayed for her.  She has gone to the L-rd now, but I would ask that you please pray for her son and that people would be led to minister to him in the coming years.  Thank you!

4 thoughts on “A Memorial Message”

  1. Elizabeth Seymour

    Shall add Lourdes’ son to my prayers… Could I also ask my family in the L-rd to please pray for Christian my son…he is having a very difficult time just now! Also my other son Jonathan, neither have accepted the L-rd yet!

  2. Holly Carmel-Adams

    I remember Lourdes from last years conference. I will be praying for her family during this very difficult time. May you also be comforted by Hashem… So sorry for your loss…

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