A Personal Encounter with Anti-Semitism

We want to share with you what happened while Baruch was in the Ukraine. I did not accompany him to all locations. After speaking at one of the conference sessions, a Messianic leader came up to him and asked if he was willing to come to his Messianic congregation to speak. Baruch was happy to do so.

While Baruch was there, there was banging on the windows and doors and yelling. At the time, Baruch did not know what it was. Afterward, it was explained to him that those were neo-nazis who were banging and yelling that they knew who the people were inside and that they were going to come soon to kill them!

Anti-semitism is very real! It is going on around the world and getting worse. Everyone needs to educate himself and tell others what is happening and how it is pure evil. Over the centuries, the Jewish people have lived amongst the nations and prospered them. They have built hospitals and schools, contributed greatly to the arts and culture, and helped the economic condition everywhere they have lived. And yet, many people hate them. Does this seem normal to you? The answer is no. We are talking about satanic hatred.

We know that in the end times, all nations will rise up against Israel. We must stand up and be a voice for the Jewish people.

3 thoughts on “A Personal Encounter with Anti-Semitism”

  1. Thank you for this post–just like G-d’s Bible tells us of the evil that will be. We all have choices: the truth of G-d or to go against G-d. I’m so sorry for the ones that choose self over G-d. We can only do our part by being a witness for King Yeshua while staying focused on G-d’s way and never letting go of Him by choosing anything over Him. It helps me so much to ask G-d to hold and comfort me, and He does. You both represent what true beauty is. Thank you for your love for G-d and all you do to help others.

  2. The Ukraine has a dark anti- semitic past with violence and genocide mostly from both Russia and Germans but also Ukrainians. To go to such place even today takes great courage and faith in Messiah! Baruch is a blessing to his people worldwide going to the very parts of the world where anti Semitism was strong and still is, where agnostics or atheists have ruled over time!!! God my protect you on your travels and bless your lovely wife and family too! shalom on this lovely Shabbat! ingrid

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