A Prayer Answered!

Waiting for the bus…


I hope that many of you remember me sharing about “A” who escaped trafficking and had 3 children, including one with disabilities. Due to being in “limbo” in Israel, without status, we asked for prayer for her and were able to assist her in a small way.

We received word that she and her children are on their way to Canada! Everything has been arranged for them for school, assistance and medical care for her child. We are praising the L-rd for this opportunity for them. Please keep them in your prayers as they make this huge transition.


Yesterday was the election again in Israel. Baruch and I are always so proud to be able to cast our votes. With 92% of the votes counted, the results do not look favourable for a new government to be established. Either a few kenesset members will change party affiliations, giving Netanyahu the 61 seats he needs, or perhaps the leader of the Blue and White party will bring enough of his party to form a unity government. This is not desirable, as it will move the government to the left and makes President Trump’s plan for Israel forming a Palestinian state a greater possibility. This is not good! Unless a strongly right wing government can be formed, we hope there will be a 4th round of elections. Of course there are other possible scenarios and time will bring clarity to the political situation here in Israel.

Today I had the opportunity to head down to Eilat to meet up with our younger daughter. On my way down there on the bus, I was able to capture some beautiful pictures of the desert in Southern Israel.

3 thoughts on “A Prayer Answered!”

  1. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your country🇮🇱

    Have a blessed time with your daughter.

    Meanwhile we continue to pray for Gods will to be done in the next step in His plan for Israel.

    Blessings and love

  2. Ingrid christina kern

    thanks for the insights into the politics du jour…peace cannot come on the back of the Jewish people! we must stay firm on what God promised and gifted the children of Israel. my hair literally stands up on my neck everytime i hear a cleric use the word Palestine. i found this in commentary in Discovery Bible from an obvious catholic, nobody else calls the apostles St Paul, St Peter etc. so i use great care when i deal with this man’s input in the program. again, i appreciate when you take us out of error in your politics in Israel!

  3. I prayed for God to help me find someone who teaches The truth and real doctrine, So that I could learn The Word with understanding. I came across your program on ROKU. I at first was not quiet sure what to make of it since I had not been taught this way, I was so excited to hear the teaching from a Jewish insight, bringing the culture and understanding to scripture. I have studied with you for hours, I speak about your teachings to many Christians, It brings light to many scriptures I didn’t understand. I am so Thankful God answered my prayer. I pray for Israel , God’s Grace and Mercy be with You. Shalom Shalom .

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