A Prayer for this Time

Each month, our Global Prayer Team leader sends out an email to the members. One of the items in this correspondence is a prayer, written by a dear woman who uses Scripture to help guide prayer time. I felt that this prayer she prepared for the Team, as a special supplement for this time, should be shared with you, to help you also as you pray.

Avinu Malkeinu; our Father, our King, Psalm 32:6  For this may Your faithful followers on the Global Prayer Team pray to You in this time of finding/time of distress: that surely, in a flood of great waters – Coronavirus trouble that endangers people’s lives – it will not reach us.
:7  Thank You for being our hiding place.
Thank You for preserving us from trouble.
:8  Thank You for instructing us and teaching us in the way which we should walk.
Thank You for guiding us with Your eye upon us.
:9  May we have understanding and come near to You for Your purpose [in this].
:10  May we trust in You, L-rd.
Thank You for surrounding us with Your lovingkindness.Psalm 28:6  Blessed are You, L-rd; thank You for hearing the voice of our earnest prayer.
:7  Thank You for being our strength and our shield.  In You may our hearts continue to trust, and we be helped, and our hearts exult; and with our songs may we continue to thank You.
:8  Thank You for being strength to us, and all Your people.  Thank You for being a refuge of help for us.
:9  May You keep all Your people safe and free from this virus.
Thank You for blessing Your inheritance.
Thank You for shepherding us and lifting us up forever.Psalm 32:11  Being righteous, may we be glad in You; being upright in heart, may we shout for joy.Psalm 40:16  May all of us that seek You rejoice and be glad in You: may we who love Your salvation say continually, The L-rd be magnified.
:17  Thank You for thinking upon us.
Thank You for being our help and deliverer; thank You for not  delaying, O G-d.

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