A Review of 2015

Our work in Israel:

This past year, we saw 8 professions of faith.  We were able to share the Gospel with nearly 50 Israelis.  This means that we were able to build a relationship with the individual and take him or her through a scriptural presentation that included several meetings over a period of weeks and sometimes months.  It was during these times of teaching that we were able to present through the Hebrew Scriptures that Yeshua is not only the Messiah but the Son of G-d.

In addition to this, we trust that our weekly television program, aired throughout Israel, is producing fruit.  New Testament truth is being shared each week as we show a messianic presentation of the weekly Torah portion.  Currently, we are broadcasting a verse-by-verse study of the prophecy of Hosea.

Our meetings at our study center continue to grow.  We are in the midst of a study of the book of Luke; earlier in the year we concluded studies of Galatians and Revelation.  In the last quarter, we have also added small groups in Beersheva and Ness Tziona.

We have seen an increase in the number of views for our Hebrew videos this year.  This can be most likely attributed to the promotion of our Hebrew website, www.pdut.org, through our television broadcast.

The Discipleship Manual has finally been finished and is at the publisher.  In addition to it being printed in Hebrew, there are also plans for it to be printed in Russian.  (There are over 1,000,000 Russian speakers in Israel).

All of these things could not be done without your prayers and financial support.  Thank you!

Now a word about LoveIsrael.org.

In a similar manner to our work in Israel, G-d is blessing LoveIsrael.org. We have seen the number of videos which are viewed each month through the Vimeo platform increase from 12,000 to nearly 45,000.  We also utilize another company called Lightcast.  This company has built channels for us on Roku, Amazon Fire, Google TV, Cross TV and iTunes.  Through Lightcast, we have an additional 25,000 views each month.  This means that over 70,000 videos are being watched each month.

LoveIsrael on television  

Most of you know that we began broadcasting on Christian Television Network (CTN) in June of 2014.  This year, we began broadcasting on The Church Channel (TCC).  These are both national broadcasts.  Our weekly television program is seen on DirecTV, The Dish Network, and is available in 35% of the homes which have cable.  In addition to this, we broadcast in nearly 50 local markets.

LoveIsrael International Broadcasts

This October, we began to broadcast in the United Kingdom on Sky TV channel 595, as well as on Faith Africa.  Faith Africa covers via local television stations and satellite networks the majority of Africa.

LoveIsrael International Conferences

Last year we held international conferences in Romania, the Netherlands, and Germany. These were all very well attended and we were asked to return to each of the countries for conferences this year.  This year we plan to add India and the Ukraine.

2016 Goal

The strongest network for broadcasting Bible teaching is the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).  When it comes to availability, TBN dominates all other Christian broadcasting in North America.  What you may not know is that TBN is also very strong internationally.  Although to broadcast on TBN can be very expensive, when one considers the coverage throughout North America and the world, it is most cost effective.  In the past, we have taken on media projects that required us to raise $75,000.  We have done this twice successfully.  In 2016, we are hoping to raise $250,000 in addition to our normal budgetary needs of $35,000/month.  The vast majority of these funds (100% of the $250,000 and $29,000 of the $35,000/month) goes to purchase media time (Israel and international) or to support our study center in Israel.

We thank you for your support for our work in 2015 and hope that you will continue partnering with us in the coming year.

2 thoughts on “A Review of 2015”

  1. Holly Carmel-Adams

    As we continue to support you with our prayers and contributions, we pray that all will see the importance of funding your ministry… Through your teachings Jews and Gentiles all around the world are learning that G-d is the G-d of the Hebrews; and that Yeshua is a Jew, was a Jew and will be coming back as a Jew, The King of kings and L-rd of lords… We love you and may you blessed.

  2. I am so thankful for your ministry! I think it’s so unique in that it’s so detailed and focused on scripture and what it really says (and not on man’s tradition or man’s doctrine). I don’t speak Hebrew or Greek, so I’m really grateful to have Dr. Baruch teach in such depth about what the words really mean and giving background on Jewish traditions and customs that shed so much light on things I’ve read over and over but didn’t understand. What a blessing to have come across your ministry!

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