A Sign

Have you seen the headlines lately?  Things are happening which seemed unheard of just a few years ago.

Today I saw the article about the Swiss hotel which posted a sign that requested Jewish guests to shower before entering the swimming pool, but did not mention other guests. The Swiss tourism spokesman said, “It’s just this one lady at this one hotel who was not on top of the situation,” Berger said. “It’s an isolated incident that doesn’t need for greater action to be taken.”  I think he is missing the point.  He was responding to the fact that many Orthodox Jews have started frequenting the area in recent years for vacation and is just saying that the one lady didn’t know that.  But the deeper issue is that what she said was highly offensive, totally anti-Semitic.  It is not just the matter of she may hurt business, or doesn’t understand her clientele!  It is the evil of her beliefs.

In other news today, we see that a Holocaust Memorial and a synagogue in the U.S. were vandalized and urinated upon.  These types of occurrences are more and more common.

Baruch and I were discussing this today and he made a very good point.  Anti-Semitism, racism, and other hateful beliefs are now being lumped together with beliefs such as pro-life, disagreeing with same-sex marriage, and believing that the homosexual lifestyle is against G-d’s Word.  What will happen soon is that we, who believe in the Bible and G-d’s Laws, will be called racist and intolerant.

It will become more and more difficult for us to defend ourselves, as we will be lumped in with haters, white supremacists and evildoers.  When we do not compromise, and hold to the belief that there are absolute truths, we will become hated.  And this should not be a surprise.  We need to be in the Word and pray for wisdom.

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  1. Along with the grievous anti semitism, great Satanic Persecution is at the door for the Christian believer, even in America. We are spiritual Israel and will share in the discrimination of the Jewish people .The One world System and conqueror and his mighty armies of hell surely are about to ride. I’m not sure what will be the trigger, The book of the revelation of Messiah Yeshua is about to play out on the worlds stage! America is in self destruct mode.Much of the Christian church in America is wholly unprepared for what’s about to take place! Many churches do not teach prophetic truth at all.

  2. Those hateful things break my heart. I apologize again for so called Christians actions. But I remember our reading from last week. Isaiah 49:23. And I thank you for Baruchs insight. Thank you for the reminder, not to be surprised at what is coming. Also the reminder to be in the word and prayer. Your teachings really help. Thank you.

      1. You are right. Thank you for the reminder. It’s so easy to group people together. But each one is unique and precious to God. I’m still learning, and so thankful to our Father for your teaching.

  3. I have come to understand in my life there are always those looking for someone to look down on, to demean– and so it is important to know who you are; it’s not what they call you (or even do to you), it’s Who you answer to. Love and Blessings

  4. It is The teaching of Dr. Baruch At Love Israel that has been an answer to prayer. I happen to find “Love Israel” on roku while looking for a Messianic Jewish Ministry and by chance, among all the choices I picked Love Israel. Very few ministries will teach whole books of the bible, especially line upon line like Dr, Baruch. In this country, “USA” they seem to ignore the prophets — Especially Revelation. I finally began to understand it after Dr. Baruch teaching in the fall of 2016. I covet every 1/2 hr program. there is nothing like hearing a teaching from a Jewish perspective. God bless your ministry in the name of Yeshua Messiah!! Bless his holy NAME!!!!

  5. Just saw a broadcast for the first time last night. Loved it. Wondering if you teach baptism according to Acts 2:38?

    1. Shalom Sue,
      I am pleased to respond to your question. I will answer directly, without providing Scriptural proof, because I think you want simply to know what I believe about baptism and some of the related issues. I believe that one is saved by faith by means of the grace of G-d which was in the work of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) on the Cross. His blood provides eternal redemption to all who receive it. Baptism testifies to the death, burial and resurrection of Yeshua and one’s desire to obey Him. Although baptism and obedience should be the outcome of a saving faith, one is not saved by baptism. In other words, baptism is not part of the means to be saved. Secondly, I believe that baptism is not necessary to receive the Holy Spirit. When one believes in the Gospel, he or she receives the Holy Spirit at that time. Hope this does answer your question.


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