A Small City Tour


Something you see all the time in Cambodia….Hello Kitty on scooter helmets!

Whenever we go to a new location, we do not know what to expect.  Even when Baruch is teaching a course to Bible students, what the class will be like varies.  This class, in Phnom Penh, is made up of all men who are pastors.  Baruch had a great time teaching them today and they really enjoyed seeing his Hebrew Bible!

I did not go to the class today because I had a great deal of work to get done.  I will not go tomorrow, as no women are in the class.

Today I got my work done and then around 3:00 pm I took a tuk tuk (motorized rickshaw) so see a little bit of the city.  It only cost $8.00 US!  The driver stopped at various places to let me get out to take pictures.


My driver in his tuk tuk.

First we drove past the Royal Palace.  The image here is from the internet, as the complex is surrounded by a wall and I couldn’t take a good photo.


Here is a slideshow of some of the sites from today:

I did a little reading and found that Cambodia has the highest percentage of Buddhists of any country in the world (97%).  I really knew nothing about this religion.   Buddhists do not believe in an eternal soul.  According to Buddhism there ultimately is no such thing as a self in any being or any essence in any thing.  But then they go on to say that  there is some sort of consciousness which exists as a continuum and is the mechanistic basis of what undergoes rebirth, rebecoming and redeath (some sort of reincarnation).

It is very sad to travel around this city knowing that almost everyone you see literally has no knowledge of the One True G-d and the salvation we can have through Messiah Yeshua.

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