A Success!


Well, the Conference has concluded.  All of the months and months of preparation, the volunteers working, the anticipation…and now we look forward to next year!

This year we had several new elements.  We had a demonstration of a new Bible study (computer) program developed by our friend.  I will post about that in the near future.  I think it will revolutionize the serious-minded, believing community.  His website is Biblestudycompany.com.

Michael, who teaches the weekly parasha at our study center in Israel, shared about his work in Israel.  Baruch translated for him and many people were blessed to hear about his ministry.

Baruch taught a seminar on how to study the Bible.  He gave some great helps to enhance our study time and deepen our understanding of the Scripture.

Baruch and I met with some key leaders to give a report and receive feedback on the direction and work of this ministry.  We are presented many opportunities to expand the ministry of LoveIsrael.org and we seek guidance on how to best respond to these options. We would appreciate your prayers for us to hear from the L-rd.

I just want to share with you that such a great group of people came to the conference.  It was so nice to meet the people whose names I run across several times in our giving receipts, emails, etc.  I wish I could remember every name and face, but I can’t.  But I do remember the kindness of each of you who came up to me to introduce yourself and share a kind word of what this ministry means to you.  Thank you!

Baruch is safely back in Israel and I am at his parents’ house.  I will then visit my Mom and return home to Israel in a few days.

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