A Terrible, Senseless Murder

Perhaps many of you have heard about the murder of Dafna Meir from Otniel in Judea, Israel on Sunday.  She was in her home and was attacked in front of 3 of her 6 children and died protecting them.

Since her death, stories of her bravery and life have been revealed.  She grew up in a difficult home situation, she went on to marry and bear 4 children and adopt 2 more.  Her husband loved and respected her so much and looked very broken and her funeral.


Here is a video showing Israeli troops going to the home of the terrorist and capturing him.

The elite IDF troops were able to identify, locate and capture the murderer.  The father of the terrorist said that he was “proud” of what his son had done.  The international community needs to be aware of the kind of people we are dealing with!  There is no peace to be made with them.  They are raising their children up to hate and to kill.  This murderer was a teenager!

Please pray for Israeli’s leaders.  They need to protect their citizens while at the same time the are pressured severely by the international community.


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