A Trip Recap

Baruch just completed a trip to the States, where he taped several television programs and spoke in Florida, Minnesota, Northern Virginia and Kentucky.  I met up with him in Northern Virginia and went with him to some of the speaking venues.

I was very impressed with the people I met.  These people are seriously studying the Word and how it should impact their lives on a daily basis.  They are truly concerned about their lifestyle and how to live a life which is pleasing to G-d.

I just want to say a “thank you” to all those I met on the trip.  It was a great time of fellowship for me and I hope that as LoveIsrael.org grows, we can help meet the needs of the small group Bible studies who use Baruch’s teaching as a basis for their study.  Please email me if you have any ideas or suggestions.

2 thoughts on “A Trip Recap”

  1. Here in the States, people need to know that to love G-d is to be obedient to Him via obeying His Bible and not just going to church on Sunday, then choosing your pride (your way over G-d’s way) the rest of the week. One needs to know in order to get it right G-d’s way, one needs to stay focused on Him and not self and so forth. I also think a good teaching on what G-d wants us to do on His Sabbath is needed. Thank you for all you do and that you care to make a difference and choose to go the distance for G-d. Safara

  2. Elizabeth Seymour

    Dear Rivka,

    It is so wonderful to hear about the growth of LoveIsrael.org! Am so thankful and grateful for access to Baruch’s studies, and Tom Bradford’s Torah Class. I have been richly blessed by the L-rd through these wonderful studies. I can honestly say they have very much impacted on my whole life…I am being changed day by day by them, my lifestyle is significantly changed. My attitudes and though processes are being changed progressively.

    I pray every day and every night for rich blessings upon the ministry of LoveIsrael.org and TorahClass.com an all who faithfully serve Hashem where ever they may be.

    Elizabeth x

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