A Very Short Encouragement

I was ready through my notes from the Amsterdam conference and came across a little nugget of wisdom.


“Biblically, hope is based in assurance because it is built upon the promises of G-d.”  When we recognize that that our hope is built on what the Holy, Perfect, G-d and Creator of the Universe has promised, we should feel confident and secure in the future.  In Ezekiel 36:22, G-d says that He will do according to His Name.  Name is associated with character. G-d’s character causes Him to always do perfectly within it.

So let’s remember that when we are seeking to be within the will of G-d, and seeking to be in alignment with Him, we can have confidence and assurance in our hope.

The context for this was that we should rejoice over G-d’s grace to Israel.  He has made promises to Israel, which He will keep.  G-d is not finished with Israel, and we should praise Him for that!

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