A Visit to the Conference Location


The “Japanese Garden” area of the Powerscourt Gardens.

Today was a very full day.  We visited the location where the conference will be held on Saturday.  It is on the grounds of Powerscourt Estate, a very famous landmark just outside of Dublin.

One of the heirs of the estate took us on a tour of the grounds, which were voted the Number 3 Gardens in the world by National Geographic.  Here are a few photos:

It was a privilege to see the grounds and hear the history of the estate.  We have been told by many people here that yesterday and today had exceptionally good weather and we are very thankful to have had such a lovely day for the garden tour.

Unfortunately, our hosts (one of the heirs) received bad news the day before we arrived.  The wife has just been diagnosed with cancer.  We were able to visit her in the hospital today and spend time with the family.  Her strength is very admirable and we would ask for prayer for this family.

The conference venue and the promotional flyer.

Liz is very adamant that we continue with the scheduled program.  She has been very instrumental in every aspect of the planning and we hope to set up a Livestream for her to watch from the hospital.  On Shabbat, Baruch will be teaching 4 sessions.  The theme is “Why the Millennium Matters”.  The conference will be recorded and uploaded onto our YouTube channel.

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