About the Israel~UAE, Bahrain Agreement

An answer from Baruch:

We have received several inquiries concerning the recent agreements between Israel and the UAE as well as Bahrain.  Obviously, these agreements have nothing to do with the covenant of Daniel 9.  What is recorded concerning this covenant in no way relates to these current treaties/agreements.

What should a believer take away from this?  In order to answer this question, one must ask, “What did the two Arab nations and perhaps additional Arab nations in the future, receive from making these agreement?

One will find that any Arab nation recognizing Israel diplomatically is a nation which feels threatened by Iran.  In the case of the UAE, a major motivation was the ability to buy the F-35 fighter jet from the U.S.  These Arab countries want to be on the good side of the United States, as they fear the aggression of Iran.  It is not hard to believe that they would also like the military assistance of Israel.

We have a situation here that the enemy of my enemy becomes my friend.  Although one can rejoice in the UAE and Bahrain recognizing Israel, and having diplomatic relations, I personally believe that Israel failing to annex/recognize Judea and Samaria as part of the Nation of Israel was too high a price to pay for these agreements.  If one watched the signing of the agreement, earlier this week, it was mentioned by the Arab Foreign Ministers that these agreements stop Israel from recognizing land that was Biblically promised to the Jewish people and that Israel was now committed to the unbiblical and rebellious position of a Two State Solution for the Palestinian conflict.

As someone who submits to Scripture, I stand in opposition to a Palestinian state and Israel’s failure to acknowledge all of the land promised by G-d to the Jewish people.

In conclusion, these agreements were more about financial benefits than acknowledging spiritual truth.  In other words, it shows that the leadership of Israel, both religiously and governmentally, is far-removed from the mind of G-d.

3 thoughts on “About the Israel~UAE, Bahrain Agreement”

  1. I agree with you Baruch,
    We don’t have the ability to see in the future as God sees it. God has had a plan for Israel from the beginning, as well as with each one of us. Many corrections were made by God due to the disobedience from His people. This agreement could be a correction in the form of allowing this event to come about, in order for the people of Israel to realize that the alignment was right for this world, however, it was not a right alignment with God and His Word!

  2. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! I felt it was more of a political move at election time. ….. I am paying attention to the ram 🙂

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