Alarming Anti-Semitism


In Eilat, Israel today.

Satan-fueled anti-Semitism continues to rise!  I was just reading today several different articles about current altercations/events involving this terrible evil.

Today, seven members of the Labour Party in England have quit the party, whose leader is the anti-semite Jeremy Corbyn.  A Jewish intellectual in Paris has been called terrible names by the “yellow vest” protesters.   Students at Oxford University are trying to have kosher meat prohibited.  Every aspect of life, in just about every country, is being touched by rising anti-Semitism.

One of the latest news stories is that Poland has pulled out of the Israel-European Summit.  Poland is pushing back against accurate claims that Poland has a history of anti-Semitism.

“The diplomatic crisis between Poland and Israel began during the Warsaw summit on the Middle East last Thursday (February 14), when Netanyahu appeared to push back against a Polish law that prohibits broad statements that the Poland as a state or as a nation, collaborated with the Nazis to kill Jews during World War II.  “Poles cooperated with the Germans” during the Holocaust, Netanyahu said.” [quote from the J.Post]

Yair Lapid is quoted as saying, “For four years the prime minister didn’t dare to say out loud that the reason the Poles helped the Nazis is because antisemitism was an integral part of Polish society.  This isn’t racism, but the painful historical truth.”

Much of the rhetoric which was being embraced now is the same as during the time leading up to the Holocaust.  We must not put our heads in the sand.  We must speak out against such evil.


3 thoughts on “Alarming Anti-Semitism”

  1. It is so sad and there are two Congress women in the U.S that shouldn’t be in there, but the mainstream media won’t report it. Thank you Rivka for letting us know.

  2. yes, amn. we must always speak out about it, never ever be silent about it! These congress women needs to be removed from congress. Here you can sign a Petition To Remove Democrat Ilhan Omar From the Foreign Affairs Committee and then expelled from Congress:

  3. Praying that the L-rd will open the eyes of people of USA so they can see how evil is moving and using people like Omar and sign the petition.Blessings

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