Alba-Iulia, Romania

Here are some pics from Alba-Iulia.  On the bottom left, just a tiny view of the totally full sanctuary from the Conference.  Next to it is a little pic of the synagogue being restored.  It was covered and I couldn’t get a good shot.  The rest of the pictures were taken at the Jewish cemetery.  You can see one of the many, many stones which are in disrepair.

The stone on the upper right commemorates and memorializes the Jewish people from Alba-Iulia who were murdered during the Holocaust.  They actually buried soap which was made from the ashes of the victims.  It was a very somber time.

We were so blessed to get a private tour of the cemetery.  The pastor of the church where Baruch taught Sunday night and all day Monday at the Pastor’s conference arranged it.  The head of the Jewish community and a member of the municipality and the caretaker took us around to the various parts of the cemetery….from graves over 400 years ago to one that is from 2 years ago.  The picture on the bottom right is from inside a family crypt.

We were so grateful to be able to learn about the Jewish community in Alba-Iulia.

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  1. Thank you for information and pictures. I so love the pictures of the people that come to hear Rabbi Baruch teach–so wonderful.

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