Albania Recap


A view of the mountains on the outskirts of Tirana, Albania.

We have now been home for a couple of days and are catching up on some things.  [After yesterday’s blog post], it was very touching to receive many comments from people about how Patsy Akridge touched their lives.  I shared with Patsy’s niece the outpouring of sympathy.  A true testament to her faith and witness.

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We were blessed with excellent translators for our conference and the people who came were serious about the Word.  We were informed that on the last day of the conference there would be many non-believers coming.  Baruch shared a message and at the end gave a clear presentation of the Gospel and the opportunity for people to receive the L-rd.  Many people prayed to receive Messiah and it was very emotional to know of the celebration in heaven because of those who received Him! [Luke 15:10]


Some of the people who attended.

Looking at the picture above with all the children, it brings me joy to know these little ones all heard the Gospel!

We were blessed to have George Popa, our Eastern Europe Team Leader, with us in Albania.  He did the ground work leading up to the conference and was very instrumental in the entire event.  George will be sharing some of his thoughts on Albania here on this blog soon.

Also joining us were Dan and Fran, our friends from Chicago.  They have been with us on a couple of other trips and fit right in with the work and events.  We appreciate them very much and I will also be posting here some of their reflections from the trip.


The crew! Baruch and myself with Fran, Dan and George.

We made some new contacts in Albania and will be following up to see if we have materials which will help them with Discipleship in their country.


4 thoughts on “Albania Recap”

  1. The L-rd is so faithful. He is doing mighty things in Europe. Great team led by George. Blessings to the entire team. Let’s keep supporting Baruch and Rivka is teaching G-d’s word everywhere around the world. Shalom.

  2. Praise HaShem Rivka and Baruch… I was so praying for you in Albania that the illumination of the L-rd would be seen in the darkness. And it did.. Oh the little children so touched my heart.. Wow! blessings to you..

  3. It was such a blessing to be able to follow you and the teachings in Ireland and Albania wonderful encouraging and uplifting teaching! Praise the Lord!
    May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you!

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