Amsterdam Conference Begins!

Scenes from Amsterdam last night and today.

Last night, Baruch spoke at a congregation about 100 kilometres from Amsterdam. We are very thank to Dirk and William for arranging the evening seminar. We are also thankful to the pastor who made available his sanctuary for this event. Although the room was nearly full, very few of those who attended were from this congregation. The pastor is a preterist. This is one who believes that the book of Revelation is about the past and does not hold any significance for the future. Naturally, Baruch holds to a very different view. The 90 minute seminar was on Yeshua’s command to all of His disciples to watch the Fig Tree (Matthew 24:32) and the implications of this commandment for believers today. There is much confusion over the Last Days and we are encountering more and more  individuals who are not interested in this subject. Failure to discern the events of the End Times will cause one to be unprepared for what is going to take place.

Our conference in Amsterdam begins tonight!  This is an intensive time of study on Erev Shabbat, Shabbat and all day Sunday. There will be 11 teaches, all from the book of Romans, on the Relevance of the Torah according to Paul. We are hoping for a good turn out as our hosts placed advertisements in local religious papers.

Today I took the opportunity to walk around Amsterdam while Baruch was busy preparing.  It is such a beautiful city.  Unfortunately, the old, beautiful churches here are used mostly for concerts and those which do have services are attended by very few people.  We find this throughout much of Europe.

The people here are very grateful for the conference and sound Bible teaching.  As I said, it is very intensive.  People bring their picnic lunches and we have a great time studying the Word and fellowshipping.

This week’s Torah reading is Parashat B’shalach.  This is from Exodus 13:17-17:16.  One of the topics of this reading is complaining.  This is one area of our lives that many of us need to work on.  I know that I am going to pray about it over this Shabbat!

Another lesson we learn about is the double portion of manna on Friday, as none descended on Shabbat.  One thing we learn from this is that G-d will provide a way for us to obey Him.

Shabbat Shalom!

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