Amsterdam Conference

Last weekend, we held our (I believe) 10th Amsterdam Conference! It is so hard to believe that our Netherlands’ team leaders contacted us 10 years ago and asked if we would be willing to come to the Netherlands to do a conference. That was what began our expansion outside of Israel!

This year, Baruch taught on selected passages from the book of Job. It was very well-received and many people expressed to me how much they learned and how now the book of Job made much more sense to them. For me, it reinforced the knowledge that our circumstances on earth are not always “good happens to good people, bad happens to bad people.” In fact, we know that we live in a fallen world and the enemy is doing all he can to paralyse, discourage and defeat believers. We can take great comfort in knowing that G-d knows all, created all, and that HE is always with us.

Left to right: Team leader, Dirk; Baruch and translator, Paul; a view of some of the attendees.

We appreciate Paul, who has translated Baruch for many years. Paul has been a Messianic leader in the Dutch community and is very familiar with the terminology Baruch uses during his teaching. This is a huge asset and we appreciate his gift very much.

This year, our team developer, George, also attended the conference. He was able to meet with a couple, Cor Jan and Lorette, who are helping us put together a 12-part study, “The Kingdom Call”. They are able to add insight for the Dutch people. This study is quite detailed and they are translating it into the Dutch language. We intend to translate this intensive study into many languages. Right now, it is already being taught in the Netherlands and part of this first group attended the conference.

Left, Baruch and I with the first group studying “The Kingdom Call”; George and Cor Jan discussing the growth of the Dutch team.

We are focusing much effort and resources to growing our teams around the world. If you would like to help translate materials into your language, please contact me at We can use your help! Currently, we have teams working in 26 different languages. They are adding subtitles to videos and/or translating printed material. WE NEED YOU!

I’d like to leave you with a few photos of lovely Amsterdam. Blessings!

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