Amsterdam Recap


Upper photo:  Sunday morning at the Amsterdam conference.  Lower photo:  Baruch and his translator, Paul.  Paul has translated for Baruch many times and does an excellent job.

The conference theme this year was “Torah (the law) Relevance According to Paul”.  This was a study of the book of Romans.  We looked at how the Torah is not an instrument of justification.  It makes known what sin is and that we are sinful.  Through the Torah we learn of our need for salvation, which is only through the redemptive work of Yeshua (Romans 3:28).  The power of the Torah is available only AFTER salvation.  In Romans 7:14, we are told that “For we know that the law is spiritual.”

The conference took place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and was comprised of  11 sessions.

It was a rich time of study and fellowship.


We appreciate all that Dirk and Theresa, our team leaders, do to make this conference possible and to also make known in the Netherlands.

For those who are interested, the audio for our Amsterdam conferences and other speaking, is posted on the Dutch website:

This year’s conference will not be available for awhile.


2 thoughts on “Amsterdam Recap”

  1. Carlos Perdomo קרלוס פרדומו

    Shalom, Rivka.
    Where could I find that study of Romans?
    Is it on your YouTube page?


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    1. Hi Carlos! The tape will be uploaded to our Dutch website, I do not have a time frame for when that will happen. I will contact our team leader there to find out. It will be audio only and have the Dutch translation with it. Shabbat Shalom to you and your wonderful family!

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