An Australian Experience


Baruch and me with Vanessa, our friend who helped organize the conference, along with her parents, Christian and Margarita.

Today Baruch and I were treated by Christian and Margarita, to a truly great experience…a private tour of Featherdale Wildlife Park.  This park is home to many species of wildlife native to Australia.  These animals have been brought to the park because they were injured, or they are animals which were born in the park.  They are either rehabilitated and released into the wild, kept at the wildlife park or given to another zoo.

Upper left, smallest penguin in the world, which is indigenous to Australia.  Lower left, petting a wallaby joey (baby).  Right, baby crocodile.

After a brief rest and working time, we met with Tony and Marianne, a couple from Melbourne who will be organizing Baruch’s speaking in there in February 2019.  Christian and Margarita joined us and the four of them will be coordinating the New Zealand part of our trip.

Tomorrow is the conference!  There are approximately 300 people signed up.  So much effort has gone into it and we look forward to sharing it with you.  Shabbat Shalom!

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  1. What a lovely shot of both of you – you really look like you are having a wonderful time. I cannot wait to have access to both the Australia and New Zealand conference material.

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