An Evening in Indiana

Tonight at House of Prayer Church in Ellettsville, Indiana.

This evening Baruch taught on Psalm 30 at House of Prayer Church, just outside of Bloomington, IN.  On their website, they state that they are sometimes called the “Biker” Church.  Many of their members have been delivered from difficult backgrounds and are now very serious about their faith and relationship with the L-rd.

The front of their church (see bottom right photo) is set up like a street.  It reminds us that we must reach out to those we meet on the street and be a beacon of light to them. While speaking with the Pastor, he told us that he has had a love for Israel for a long time, and that can be seen by the Israeli flag and banner saying (in Hebrew) “Bet T’filah” (which means house of prayer).

We were very blessed to worship with them this evening.  People from 3 different churches were there and it was full.  Thank you to those who came.

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