An Opportunity to Meet a Need

On my walk today! is a teaching ministry, not a humanitarian organization. However, occasionally we are asked by individuals if we know of a need for which they could help by making a financial gift.

Recently, we were made aware of a need here in our city. Rahwa is a young mother of three children (aged 12, 5, and 1) with a loving husband, suffering from breast cancer. Rahwa is an asylum seeker from Eritrea, and is Christian. As an asylum seeker in Israel, Rahwa is not entitled to health insurance and has been receiving treatment at Assuta hospital. Up till now, her treatment has been funded by generous donations from relatives and community members. Last week, Rahwa started radiation therapy, however the family has not yet been able to pay the remaining 20,000 shekels (approximately $7,500) to cover the costs of the treatment. The family has other financial needs as well, due to Rahwa’s loss of income, etc.

LoveIsrael is pledging to help and some people who heard about the situation during the chat on our YouTube livestream last night asked how they might help this family.

If you would like to give a donation to help Rahwa and her family to pay for the medical treatment and /or food and other necessary items, you can make a special offering to during the month of May only and mention Africa in the memo/message. This is only during the month of May. Thank you very much.

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