An Overdue Update: England and the U.S.

The month of June passed by quickly for us. We are now traveling again and this makes time fly. We had the opportunity to speak in London, England for the first time. First, we held a gathering at the Strathmore Hotel. We located them while looking online for a meeting place. They were very easy to work with and we secured their library for an intimate event which included scones and tea. How English!

The group of people which showed up were amazing. Something like 18 different countries of origin were represented and everyone was there to study and have fellowship. George Popa, our Eastern Europe team leader and his wife Anca were with us. George has a real heart for growing teams to translate Baruch’s teaching into different languages. At this meeting alone, he made contact with couples who have now already begun translations in Italian, Chinese and Farsi! We appreciate George’s tireless work with teams as well as video production work.

George also arranged for Baruch to teach a conference at the largest Romanian church outside of Romania. This was a one-day conference which was well-attended. The Pastor is very enthusiastic for us to return and that is already set for October 1 and 2. During Covid, this church’s online presence grew significantly and they livestreamed the conference.

In the library at the Strathmore Hotel, London.
George Popa translating into Romanian for Baruch at Biserica Genesis Romanian Church in London, England.

We then held conferences in Boise, Idaho and Las Vegas, Nevada in the U.S. These events were in response to invitations from people we know to come minister in their area.

In Boise, we met with some men who, through their vast knowledge of geology, are able to share with the scientific community and others the truth of Creation as found in the Bible. They took us to various locations around Boise as well as shared their personal geological findings and museum displays. It was very informative and we appreciate the work that they are doing amongst scientists and students. Videos of these teachings are all posted on our app, My Bible Study and our website The first one has been posted on our YouTube channel and the other two are scheduled for release.

We then headed to Las Vegas, NV. This was a great opportunity for us for a few different reasons. This was our first conference in that city. The pastor of Oasis Baptist Church opened their facility to us and we appreciate it very much. Second, we were able to meet with several people who do so much for We met with Ronnie, who participates in the Lost In Translation radio broadcast with Baruch and Tom Le Vine. Ronnie partially underwrites the broadcast of this program which is aired on almost 250 radio stations around the United States and on Sirius XM Family Talk Radio channel 131. We also spent time with Ben and Ora Lee, who are working very hard on our Small Groups website. This website will help out those who have Small Groups and those looking for a Small Group in which to participate. They have underwritten the cost on this project.

Finally, we also spent time with the Hakes family. They will be heading up our U.S. operations once Joel has retired from the military. Their older daughter, Lydia, has also started working for me (Rivka). I am so excited to have her on board the team. She will be a great asset. Joel and Heide have some great ideas and are a huge blessing to us as well as being great friends.

Our final stop in the U.S. was to Georgia. Our Spanish Language Team Leaders are Jose and Carrie Rivera. They are a precious couple who are humble and seek to serve the L-rd. We are so grateful for them and all the work they do. Jose arranged for Baruch to teach at a Spanish language church in Jonesboro, GA, which is outside of Atlanta. Jose translated for Baruch. It was a great day of sharing the Word and fellowship. We were all praising the L-rd for a woman who came to faith during the message.

Baruch and Jose in Jonesboro, GA.

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  1. I been following Dr.Baruch Korman teachings for couple of months now I’ve learned a lot about our Lord Jesus Christ,and It was Great getting to met Rivka Korman at this event in Josneboro Ga.

  2. Hi old friends! Pat and Robin Donahue from Niceville. I am just letting you know we live in Raleigh NC now and have plenty of room should you ever come our way.

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