An Update and Day Trip

Scenes from Tel Aviv today.

First, I want to give you an update from our midnight study.  Baruch and I walked to our study center on Tuesday night and the study began at midnight.  We had a really good turnout!  Twelve people came.  We spent about 3 hours studying and the rest of the time we prayed and ate 🙂

It was such a great opportunity to study G-d’s Word.  We studied the book of Ruth. Everyone participated and added to the discussion.

As you may remember, I asked for prayer requests to be sent to me on Monday only, so that I could collect them and pray for them during this overnight study/prayer time.  I received several prayer requests and was able to pray for each one, as well as a few other personal ones which came to my attention from close family and friends.  We then walked home during sunrise.

Today Baruch and I traveled to Tel Aviv by bus to meet with a friend/missions committee member of a congregation which supports our work.  It was such a delightful time to share with her about the work here as well as catch up with her and her husband’s lives. It was a blessing to us to get to spend this time of fellowship with her.  We then took the train home.  It was a day of encouragement for us and we feel refreshed.

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